Pardaugava - the other side of the river

Can you see Riga's University of Science? Yes, the tower building very similar to Warsaw's Palace of Culture and Science. It's a gift from the Soviets too and this one was built in the 50s, too. Next to it you can see the halls of Riga's Central Market, which I absolutely love. There is a lot of fresh fruit and veggies waiting for you to buy and taste them, as well as kvass (traditional malt drink) stands. I especially love the steel railway bridge - it's beautiful.

 Can you guess what this is?

 It's the weirdest building ever. I don't really like it - I admit. It will be the Latvian National Library. They have such a wide variety of brilliant architecture in Riga... but this one for me is impossible to explain. They say it's the mountain of knowledge. Pretty random, ha...

 Here I'm expressing my feelings about it.

And a tasty bite of postindustrial, fantabulous architecture. In this building, there's a muzeum of railway (dzelzcela muzejs). Ahh, the shiny windows!


  1. Wow, you had such a nice weather when you took the pictures! The view of the riverside is quite nice. I have to admit I actually like the National Library, have you seen the one we were supposed to have? I think it got a nickname that was something like "blob". But the architect died, so it hasn't been built.

    1. Hahahaha oh my god. I suppose the libraries are just an unlucky kind of architecture :)

  2. the sky was so so blueee... btw "but this one for me is impossible to explain" <- hahah.. it's unique though.. the asymmetrical mountain of knowledge

  3. ok, from this side it doesn't look so bad, but soon I'll show you the frontal picture :P

  4. wow, what an odd library for sure! it actually reminds me a part of a ship.. the top part.. it's hard to explain, haha :P

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  5. XD I don't like the library building also... I also though of libraries with a more traditional style, or at least a very "clean" style with straight lines. This is weird! I am so happy you are taking some time and have this wonderful visits! ^^


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