About me

This is Kasia, 21, student of architecture from Poland. You get the general idea.

She's also a freelance journalist, designer and traveller. A passionate writer, who is ashamed of her work, so she uses a nickname. She's a very absorbed cat owner, which she considers a full-time job. This girl is a coffee drunk but she believes this beverage will keep her forever young. Since she turned 13, she's been a progressive rock afficionado, tracking down Fish gigs and albums. You know her as an obsessive blogger - and some of you as a postcard sending maniac. There's definitely very little normal here!

But why blog about all this?
It happened so, that the girl I mentioned is going to study abroad (in August!), so she thought it would be nice to share some international experience. Welcome aboard, and discover some of the Baltic goodness of Poland and Latvia combined!

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