Abortion in Latvia

Abortion on request is legal in Latvia. It is also legal in case of a health loss risk, rape, preservation of mental health or economic reasons. However, as it is in every country, some people are agains abortion. Today in Riga there is an anti-abortion action. Tell me what you think about it, when faced with the striking data below...

According to statistics, less than 4 out of 10 married women in Latvia use some contraception methods. Almost twice as many women die after birth than it is on average in developed countries (4% vs 2,7%). You can read more about this topic on the United Nations report, here. I will be glad to hear your opinions!


  1. Hi Kasia!

    I think this is just sick and over the top :\ I am in favor of abortion, specially in cases of rape, health risk, and special circumstances. I believe that the same way it is not other people's business our own personal decisions, abortion is not a "public interest" topic. If a women fells the need to make an abortion, she has every right to do it, the same right that the women against abortion have to not do it.

    What I think is very important is the after-abortion work, which is, try to find the reasons for abortion and study it, psychological counselling, medical support, etc. I don't think someone likes to do an abortion, so, if they are doing it, then there is a very sad reason behind it, and we are not God or anybody to blame that women.

    1. I absolutely agree with you on that topic.

      The form of the manifestation is ok to me - no leaflets, no slogans - just that and you continue to think what you think. On the other hand, they should not use normal sized baby figures in my opinion though. Anyway - I think that everybody has the right to express themselves and also, do what they want with their lives.

  2. giving birth depends on the woman who has to do that and only on her, so it's definitely not okay for someone else to say what that woman has to do. sometimes abortions are necessary and this is the only truth in my opinion.
    for an example we had a case in Estonia where a four months old baby was starved to death by the mother. people like that should not be able to give birth at all and that should be controlled, not the abortions. and another case from last week: a mother of 11 children has not registered her 6 months old baby and has not shown that baby to a doctor not once. that's crazy and I don't have any respect for the people who make babies in order to get money from the state. these people are disgusting and I feel so sorry for the children. that's also one of the reasons why I consider adopting. so many children don't have a proper home and I think it would be great to save at least one of those kids.

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    1. You are right and thank you for showing another side of the topic. I think people who manifest against abortion do not have much to say in this topic and a striking majority of them use religious reasons to cover their lack of knowledge or common sense.

    2. Yeah, we have some irresponsible mothers here as well, so I totally agree that it's better not to have a baby than to starve it to death or abandon it afterwards. :( Here, once some politician suggested that "problem minorities" can have sterilization for free, if they wish to have it done - because they usually complain about contraception being too expensive - but the human rights organizations said it was a dicrimination. But if they looked at the statistics, they'd see that it's really the problem minorities that either don't take care of the kids or get an abortion... So, I can't see why they couldn't be sterilized if they wished so, it would be much cheaper and safer. Frankly, this kind of protest is not that bad, once we had to watch a video at school where they'd show you aborted fetuses (and their parts). I thought that was very OTT, especially for young kids. And especially because these kinds of late abortions are only done for medical reasons, it's not like the mother has a choice anyway. They just used it because showing a clump of cells wouldn't make much of an impact.

  3. Hmm... My opinion is a lot of good married people cannot have a child so to women who do not want their baby, why dont they have their babies up for adoption? Give the babies a better home rather than kill them right? But I also believe in people's personal decision. It's their right. China has a one child policy. So if a family already has a son, all their future babies should be aborted. It's sad to think of it but it is done for the greater good.

  4. Those images are so creepy!

    Abortion should be legal everywhere. If not, people will find other (illegal, unsanitary) ways, and thats always worse for the mother and the child. And thats only one of the many reasons it should be legal.
    I do understand that people find it 'child killing' (I don't agree but I can see it, I guess) but I think it worse when a child has to be raised in an unstable environment, parents who can't take care of it, and then there's also the rape-victim issue.
    I don't know, I understand if people feel like it's killing a child, but then they should just personally choose not to do it for themselves, not dictate what other people should do.

    anyway, interesting post!

  5. Abortion is ALWAYS worse for the children, no matter if it's

    legal or not. I can't understand how anyone can endorse

    abortion while they are against death penalty or animal

    cruelty. As if criminals and animals have more right to live

    than a baby. No matter how many excuses

    pro-choice people use as a way to trick themselves into believing it's ok to kill a child. When the excuses vanish, the truth is there. And part of the truth is the mayority of abortions are pursued by wealthy, educated women who are too self-absorbed in their materialistic life to be disturb by a child. And they don't use contraception because it can ruin their looks. In a way they are saving those children of having the crappiest mother. But those kids could have had a loving family if they were allowed to live and be adopted. I could have included statistics to probe how idiotic some excuses are, but what's the point. They are just excuses.


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