Jurmala - another side of the Baltic Sea

A few days ago I visited Jurmala - the most popular and beautiful seaside destination in Latvia. Myself, I find a lot in common between some Polish seaside towns and villages and the Latvian Jurmala - especially the unrestrained nature. But, the architecture and style of tiny cafes (kafejnicas) and shops is very unique here in Latvia.

Another thing you'll never find anywhere else are ice cream with such unique flavours like Rigas Black Balzams (the national alcoholic drink - 45%), which I tried and are delicious, or beer ice cream which I've heard there are but we couldn't find them at this time of the year.

Latvia is definitely the country of fountains and other street furniture. Maybe it's because of the little distance to Scandinavian countries which pay a lot of attention to such urban details.

I really loved the beach in Jurmala.

Anna's boots. Nice contrast!

Just a Latvian girl :)
Pelmeni - traditional Latvian and Russian dumplings. These are mine - which means there are only veggie and cheese ones!

Cebureki. We've been told it's Latvian, but in reality it's Ukrainian. A kind of deep-fried pancake with meat. Mine is with cheese and dill only.

And another fun fact - there are many cats in Latvia! Both wild and domenic, all are beautiful!


  1. Your trip looks like it was a lot of fun! The food looks really delicious, makes me hungry, lol. And the cats are super cute <3

  2. Oh I had a cat like this in the backyard! :D I adore it and the beach looks awesome I never though there would be one like that near Latvia! Have a fantastic weekend!

  3. many Estonians take spa trips to Jurmala and even I've been considering that but we'll see. haven't even visited Valmiera yet. time just vanishes somehow.
    anyway, I really enjoy your posts about Latvia because it's so close to Estonia and I haven't seen much from all the possible sights there.

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  4. that last cat is sooo beautiful, wow! and the first one are cuties!

    lovely pictures, it looks gorgeous over there! and yummy food ofcourse.

    Angie || sundaybelle.com


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