a short update

First and foremost, yes, I'm still alive, but I'm turning into an increasingly worrisome person, which is a result of the number of simultaneous goals I set for myself lately. Today stress went through the roof so I decided to share. I realized I miss blogging as a way of self-organization or just pulling your thoughts together and then getting it all sorted out by taking the readers' comments into consideration.

Not totally unconsciously, I've heaped up a little too much work for myself. Not only is it my diploma work but also I'm going to take an exam in eleven days which I'll tell you more about in detail sometime in April (because I'd be mortified if I failed and had to confess officially!). I have to take care of a bunch of other issues as well and in the end it's as you know, all work and no play.

I wonder what you guys do to get motivated and build up a good head of steam? I'll be grateful for tips, because on days like today I just sometimes break down and cry (yep, I couldn't figure out an idea for a design, as stupid as it sounds).

Besides though, I'm still an avid postcard collector and a wannabe traveller (who is waiting for spring to come and revive the overwhelming greyness all around me). I heard next week it's going to be sunny already so my resolution is to start running and get in better shape before summer hits.
I'll be beyond happy to hear how you are!


  1. what i always do when things got out of hand is take a step back and ask yourself, 'at this moment - what is the most important' then do that and continue.

    usually working harder, and getting more organized is not actually the answer, i broke down and cried couple of times doing these because im getting more stressed out. i think slowing down (stop and take that step back) is underrated, but very effective.

    1. thank you Nurrul :) you're right about taking a step back. 10 more days until the exam and I will literally do nothing for a few days. :)

  2. Hi Kasiaaa! =)

    It's been a lot...! I'll be back to my blog and your's!! =)



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