booklet pictures finally!

Do you still remember the booklet project I mentioned? Here are some examples of my booklets comparing Riga and Warsaw (one was around 70 pages, the other one around 50). Sorry for the form of presentation but I took the pics last minute - after a whole night of work, around 7am, 3 hours before the presentation.
Overally I'm moderately happy with the results. The photographs and the content is quite alright, the design is boring, though. And the binding - awful, but it took 10 minutes. Well... I wish I had more than just one night to finalize it - I had millions of ideas how to do it. But this is what I presented and got a 9/10 (excellent). Anyway, I think 120 pages in one night is quite a success.

So... you can take a look at my portfolio on behance if you want. I'm currently working on my resume and web-based + paper-based portfolio to start looking for a job as a graphic designer. I hope to have some more challenging projects soon. :)

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