The place I dreamt to see - Finland

When I was 15, I fell in love with Finland. There are no words which could explain the beauty of this country. So you can imagine how happy I was to spend one day in Helsinki recently. The little island above one day will be mine! It must be mine!

This is me in front of a design museum. Hello!

I really loved the Uspenski Cathedral. It is very poetic with its brick silhouette on the hill above the city.


It was a design week so there were loads of little accents of design all over Helsinki. Note the bike seats!

The author of Kalevala, the Finnish national epic. It's epic.

I hope I'll be able to go there again soon. Finland is beyond beautiful!


  1. I also like Helsinki and Finland overall. I've been there for a thousand times (or almost, haha) and my dad used to live and work there when I was a little girl. so I completely share your feelings towards that country ;) and it's only 80 km from Estonia anyway :P

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  2. Ohhhh now you are making me wishing I would go to Helsinki (: The photos make it look wonderful!

  3. I've never understood what people thought was that great about Finland, but your pictures make me want to visit it as well. And how the heck do you manage to get such a great weather whenever you go on atrip and make photos? Need to learn that trick. :)

  4. Beautiful photos!!! Love especially the moomintrolls, haven't seem them for a long time!!

  5. Hello! (to the picture of you standing in front of the museum)
    Im happy that one of your dreams came is beyond beautiful..

  6. these shots are super stunning! amazing city! <3

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  7. I'll admit, there aren't that many places i'd like to visit in the world (i'm not much of a traveller) but Finland is definitely one of them. It seems so magical to me.


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