Padlock tradition in Riga

Some people say it is a silly and childish tradition. Me - I think it is a little bit charming. But what it's all about - after getting married, people lock a... lock on Riga's bridges. This one is totally full already so they switched to two other ones. We were wondering how are the statics of the construction. ;)
Riga's authorities joke that they cannot detach the locks, because people believe that as long as the lock is on the bridge, the marriage will survive.


  1. There is something very similar to this in Rome, and I don't think it is childish, I simply adore the idea! I want to put a lock there someday too ^^

  2. awww I think that's adorable! and that last picture is so pretty ^^

    Angie || www,

  3. It seems to be on sooo many bridges all over Europe! But I find it kind of cute. :)

  4. awww these are so sweet! and u captured the rainbow very well bebe. i wish i have your photography talent :)

  5. I think this is super cute!! Lots of people are doing this, I've seen love locks in San Francisco as well as NYC :)

  6. we have the same thing here in Estonia, in Keila for example. so in my opinion it's nothing special. I think people should believe in themselves, not in some myths. I'm engaged but I don't feel like I should get a lock for me and my fiance :P I like your photos though and when I visited Keila I also took photos of the locks and I think I even have a blog post about it somewhere in my blog.

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