Sun museum

 Yesterday I visited the Sun Museum in Riga (Saules Muzejs). It was not only very informative astronomically, but also so much fun!
I can share one thing with you... The Sun is going to explode in a few billions of years. It will consume the planets up to Marse. But luckily there are other solar systems and galaxies, so we still have time to investigate!
In the end of the scientific part, we were asked to create our own suns. I loved this part so much!
 This is the sun I made ;))
And some suns for sale :)
If you are in Riga, definitely pay this place a visit, I loved it so much! So bright and positive in this rainy weather.
I also promise to improve my blogging timing and quality as soon as I fix my current status in Latvia :)


  1. OMG, that's so cool! Must have been really fun to visit the museum, and the DIY sun is a cool idea, makes it definitely more interactive.

  2. aww wow this is so cool! I want to make a sun! haha

    Angie //

  3. wow, looks really cool! I wonder why we were taken to circus when I had a school trip to Riga a million years ago. this would have been so much more awesome!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  4. your sun is super cute! I will definitely go there if I have the chance! I like the idea of being interactive with the museum and they let you make your own sun!


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